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In this interview, Dr John Demartini, Performance and Behavior Specialist and founder of The Demartini Institute, reveals the secret to true happiness.

Dr Demartini is a human behavioral specialist, author, educator and founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 different courses covering multiple aspects of human development. He travels 360 days a year to countries all over the globe, sharing his research and findings in all markets and sectors. He is the author of 40 books published in over 29 different languages.

In this episode you will discover how being authentic is the only path to true happiness, how to begin finding your authentic self, and the importance of identifying which values drive your life and your decisions.

dr john demartini 25 May 2014

(That’s me with Dr Demartini at his Breakthrough Experience event in Sydney, June 2014)

In this Episode You will Discover:

  • How being authentic is the only way to be truly happy
  • How do you find your authenticity? Where do you start?
  • The importance of identifying the values that drive your life – consciously and unconsciously.

Episode Transcript:

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